Update on Green and Clubhouse Opening

          Members will be aware that the Welsh Government has relaxed some of the lockdown rules. The Government changes now allow gatherings of up to 30 people outdoors for team sports where these are organised and supervised events. The latest guidelines from the W.B.A. and W.W.B.A. can be found on www.welshbowls.co.uk.

          Having regard to the relaxing of the rules, the Committee have given consideration to further safe playing formats on the green. To allow members to participate in bowls with a more competitive edge, the Committee are looking at arranging some friendly games with local clubs. If fixtures are organised, members will be contacted to see if they are available and there will only be 3 rinks in use, with a closed rink between each.

          The changing rooms are still out of bounds until there is further guidance and the Council give permission for them to be opened. In respect of any friendly games, therefore, club members and opposition must arrive at the club ready to play. Bowls shoes can be put on by making use of the seating under the canopy.

          All players taking part in any friendly fixture and spectators must provide contact details as required by the Government’s “Test, Trace & Protect” system. Contact sheets are available at the sanitising station.

          Other guidelines regarding “Playing Arrangements” must still be adhered to and these are set out as follows:-

          *For casual roll-ups members must continue to book a slot with David Willing or Andy Elias. Bookings are for 1½ hour slots as set out in the rink booking system, which can be accessed below. Please do not visit the club to bowl without a booking.

          *Only alternative rinks are being used as set out by the green marker each day.

          *Hands and equipment used should be sanitised at the sanitising station both before and after use.

          *The contact sheet must be filled in by all players and spectators.

          *Chalk, pushers and scoreboards should not be used. In any friendly games arranged, scorecards should be used and kept by one person.

          *The Welsh Governments social distancing of 2 meters is still in place and must be adhered to, apart from players from the same household. No shaking of hands, high fives or hugs before, during or after play.

          *In any friendly games, it is suggested that the mat be set at least 3 metres from the ditch and for long jacks, the jacks set 3 metres from the ditch to allow for more social distancing behind the mat and head.

          *Club members visiting the club for roll-ups, please ensure all doors are closed and gates locked when leaving and all handles and locks are sanitised.

          *If anyone has Coronavirus symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed or suspected of having the virus, you must not visit the club.

          Players making use of the bar facilities must follow guidelines which are in use in all licenced premises. A sanitising station is set up near the entrance and everyone is asked to make use of these facilities.

          There will also be contact sheets at this point and must be filled in by all as part of the Government’s Test, Trace & Protect strategy. It does mean that players coming indoors to the bar will have to provide their details on both the outside and inside sheets.

          Furniture has been arranged to accommodate social distancing and should not be changed other when sat with your own household. All are reminded that numbers are limited to the 30 allowed for social gatherings.

          Any use of the toilets is restricted to one person at a time and users must wipe down any surfaces they touch (taps, handles, etc.) before leaving the toilets.

          It is recognised that the guidelines above seem tedious after this long period we have had to endure during this pandemic which is still ongoing but they are there for the health and wellbeing of our members. The club are trying their best to make everything safe and cannot be held responsible for your continued wellbeing if you ignore the guidelines.

          We wish everyone well, take advantage of bending your arm whether it’s on the bowling green or in the bar and enjoy yourselves as best you can.

The Committee

PWBC Daily Rink Bookings